naritaya is situated at the beautiful Asahidai in Niki-Cho, Hokkaido. Surrounded by vineyards with Mt.Chohakusan as backdrop, naritaya offers authentic, handmade soba noodles that are flavorful and cooked to al dente with the perfect taste and texture.

A selection of local wine and sake that pair well with the soba noodles are also on offer.

Jan - Feb  Thursday - Sunday: 11:30-14:30 (14:00 LO)

Mar - Dec  Thursday - Monday: 11:30-14:30 (14:00 LO)

257 Asahidai, Niki-Cho,

Yoichi-Gun, Hokkaido 048-2401, JAPAN

phone: +81-135-32-3877


Cold Soba : 

・Seiro (Plain) - Handmade Cold Nihachi* Inaka Soba, served with Cold Dipping Sauce and Seasonings

・Nori Seiro - Cold Soba topped with Seaweed

・Nasu to Jako no Bukkake - "Bukkake" Style Soba with Deep Fried Egg Plant, Grated Daikon and Roasted Young Sardines

・Kamo Seiro - Cold Soba with Duck Meat infused Green Onion Dipping Source (Hot)

Hot Soba :

・Kake (Plain) - Handmade Nihachi* Inaka Soba in Hot Source

・Nori Soba - Hot Soba topped with Seaweed

・Negi Soba - Hot Soba topped with Fried “Nanpaku Negi” Green Onion

Weekend & Holiday Only :

・Juwari Soba*

・Soba Mae Plate (Appetizer Sampler)

*Type of Soba :

・Nihachi ( 二八): 20% wheat flour and 80% buckwheat flour

・Juwari ( 十割): 100% buckwheat flour (Weekend & Holiday Only)

● For Reservation, please CONTACT US.

naritaya lodge

naritaya offers two lovely rooms with breathtaking views of the vineyards and mountains. With the dark sky surrounding the area, guests can admire the multitude of stars not usually seen in the cities.

● For Reservation, please CONTACT US.

naritaya vineyard

Our signature wine “Asahidai 245 Blanc” is made with grapes from our 1000 vines in a field of over 30 are behind the restaurant. We grow Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Riesling in the most natural and organic manner. 

We tender our grapes with utmost love and care to ensure our wine represent the terroir of Asahidai.

For inquiry, please CONTACT US.